Public Sector Day

Considering the significant contributions made by Public Sector Enterprises to national economy and with the mission to create awareness among the public at large about the notable achievements, performance and role played by them, SCOPE decided to observe 10th April as Public Sector Day every year. The initiative of SCOPE to organize Public Sector Day received overwhelming response from Government and Public Sector fraternity. The Public Sector Day, which is one of the most prestigious events of SCOPE, provides an opportunity to recapture the glorious history, achievements and remarkable contributions of PSEs in our country.

The first Public Sector Day was celebrated on 10th April, 2010 with great fervor. The former President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil graced the occasion. Another glorious moment in the history of PSEs and SCOPE was the unfurling of Public Sector Flag during the 2nd Public Sector Day Celebration by the then President of India in 2011. The Flag represents the unified spirit and significant contribution of PSEs to national economy.

Every year Public Sector Day is observed among the PSEs. SCOPE celebrates the contribution of PSEs by presenting SCOPE Meritorious Awards to PSEs on the occasion. The event has been graced by the Presidents of the nation. The incumbent President, Hon’ble Shri Pranab Mukherji has been gracing the occasion since 2013. All Public Sector Enterprises observe Public Sector Day in their head offices, regional offices and other units in a befitting manner. On this occasion, they organize Debates, Quiz Programmes, and Essay Competitions on the Public Sector’s contribution, management and as wealth creators are organized so as to create greater awareness among employees and others concerned.

The holding of the Public Sector Day is a significant landmark and, therefore, is a matter of considerable national importance as well as of great interest to the general public at large. The focus of the ‘Public Sector Day’ is to recapture the glorious history, contributions and achievements as well as the current spirit with which the economic revolution is being taken forward by the public sector.

Hon’ble President Shri Pranab Mukherjee at SCOPE Excellence Awards


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